Cooking Baby Bella Mushrooms the Right Way

Cooking Baby Bella Mushrooms the Right Way

Roast Them

One method of cooking baby bella mushrooms properly is to roast them. Roasting baby Bella mushrooms can take quite a bit of time, but you can avoid this by simply using the broiler function on your oven. You can roast baby bella mushrooms by first adding the mushrooms and any other vegetables you want to roast into a dish that's safe for the oven. For added flavor, you can put oil, seasonings, spices, and sauce on the dish.

One recipe for roasting baby bella mushrooms involves mixing them with asparagus and various other ingredients. To roast baby bella mushrooms for this recipe, you should start off by putting all the ingredients, specifically the asparagus, baby bella mushrooms, black pepper, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and lemon zest into a bowl. Once all of the ingredients are in the bowl, toss them. The next step is to let the mixture marinate in the fridge for one to two hours.

After the mixture has marinated for long enough, put the contents of the bowl into a nonstick baking sheet. You can then turn on your broiler and put it on a high setting. You should then cook the medley of vegetables and mushrooms for a minimum of two minutes to a maximum of three minutes. If the medley turns lightly brown before this, then it's still done.


Saute Them

Sauteing baby bella mushrooms is another good way to cook them. In order to saute baby bella mushrooms, all you need is the mushrooms and 1/2 tablespoon of your favorite olive oil. Put a frying pan on one of your oven's burners and bring it to medium-high heat. Once you've done this, you can add the olive oil.

You should then wait until the olive oil gets hot. Once the oil is hot, you can put the mushrooms in the frying pan. Toss the mushrooms to make sure they're coated in the oil, and then let the mushrooms saute for roughly five to seven minutes. Check the mushrooms periodically. You're done when the mushrooms are cooked through. Sauteed baby bella mushrooms work well as a side dish, but you can also use them in another recipe, as well.


Grill Them

You can also prepare baby bella mushrooms by grilling them. One recipe for grilling baby bella mushrooms calls for skewering them. You can start off by putting the baby bella mushrooms into a bowl with about two tablespoons of drizzling oil. Skewer the mushrooms through their stems and caps.

You can then start grilling the baby bella mushrooms on their skewers. Make sure to turn the mushrooms every three minutes. The baby bella mushrooms are done grilling once there are grill marks on every side of them and the mushrooms start to release the liquid inside them. The process to grill the mushrooms usually takes roughly 10 minutes. After you've slid the grilled baby bella mushrooms off the skewers, you can season them with salt and pepper and enjoy.


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