How to Cook Morel Mushrooms

How to Cook Morel Mushrooms

Morel mushrooms add an earthy, savory taste to any dish you're preparing, including pastas, stews, soups and appetizers. You can even cook them and eat them by themselves for a delicious savory snack. Here's how to cook morel mushrooms so you can add these tasty ingredients to your kitchen repertoire.


1. Check the Mushrooms for Signs of Rot


Before you start cooking, make sure that your mushrooms are free of rot, insects and mold. Serious Eats recommend choosing mushrooms that are dry and firm. If your mushrooms are soft and squishy, they might be infected by mold or bacteria.


2. Prepare the Mushrooms for Cooking


Slice off the end of the stem, then cut the morels in half for easier cooking. You can chop them into smaller pieces if the recipe calls for it.


3. Sear the Mushrooms in the Pan


Add some oil to a pan and turn the heat to "high." Add your mushrooms to the pan and let them sear in the oil until they start to soften and turn brown. Lower the heat to keep the mushrooms from burning.


4. Add Other Ingredients


If you're preparing the mushrooms by themselves, you can skip this step. Add your garlic, herbs, spices, chopped onions and whatever else you're adding to the dish for flavor. Stir it around and let the herbs and spices simmer with the mushrooms.


5. Add the Butter


To make this dish even more savory and juicy, add a dollop of butter to the pan. Let the butter melt and seep into the mushrooms.


6. Finalize the Dish


Again, if you're just preparing the mushrooms by themselves, you can skip this step. But this is the time to add any sauces, juices or stocks that were planning to add to this recipe to enhance the flavor. Even adding a little water can give your mushrooms a light, buttery sauce.


7. Transfer It to the Plate


You're done! Transfer your delicious browned mushrooms to the plate and serve immediately. For an extra restaurant-quality touch, try garnishing your mushrooms with fresh herbs or parsley.


With their earthy, savory taste, morel mushrooms make a great side dish for a hearty meal like beef stew or beans and cornbread. You can also add them to soups and stews for extra flavor and texture. Layer them on a homemade pizza, or chop them up and mix them with your favorite pasta. Some people even add them to omelets or scrambled eggs. There's no limit to the possibilities with this tasty, versatile little mushroom.

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