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The Capsule Machine -00-
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The Capsule Machine -00-
  • Model: OGCM00100

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Details: The capsule machine is an easy and convenient way to ingest your medicinal herbs and mushrooms. Mushrooms such as Reishi are very good for you but extremely bitter and unpleasant tasting. The capsule machine will make your medicinal herbs and mushrooms easy to take with no foul taste. The capsule size is "00" which will typically hold about 500 mg depending on the density of the powder being used. The capsule machine will fill 24 size "00" capsules in as little as 2 minutes. This unit also includes a desiccant bag to help keep your capsules fresh and dry. The capsule machine is dishwasher safe. Made of strong ABS and Delrin plastic. Includes instructions with photos. Empty capsules sold separately.

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