Cup Fungus (Cookeina sulcipes)

Cup Fungus (Cookeina sulcipes)
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  • 10cc Cup Fungus (Cookeina sulcipes) liquid culture syringe for precise inoculation.
  • High-quality mycelium propagation suitable for both beginner and advanced mushroom cultivation.
  • Adaptable to various mushroom substrates for optimal mycelium growth.
  • Native to tropical regions, thriving on decaying wood in humid environments.
  • Provides a captivating spectacle of orange, cup-shaped fruiting bodies.
  • Best practices in mycology ensure a thriving mycelium network in your cultivation setup.
  • Expand your mycelium cultures sustainably and effectively with Out-Grow’s expertise.
  • Edible mushroom cultivation with unique culinary applications and intriguing research possibilities.
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