Most Purchased Mushroom Growing Supplies

Pasteurized Manure Based Mushroom Substrate

Mini All in One Mushroom Grow Bag

noculate and Wait® Manure Based Mushroom Substrate

Pasteurized Mushroom Casing 1x1 Pound bag

Sterilized Rye Berry Mushroom Substrate With Self Healing Injection Port

Manure Based All in One Mushroom Grow Bag

Out-Grow is your Mushroom Growing Supply SuperstoreWe Offer a Large Array of Quality Mushroom Growing Supplies

OutGrow® is the leading provider for edible mushroom cultures and prepared substrates on the internet. We are a small company positioned in the glacial hills in the corner of Northwestern Illinois. All of us grew up here and our location is just a few miles from the dairy farm where our founder, Mike, grew up. We take pride in our rural roots and delight in bringing our Midwestern integrity and high quality products to the entire world from our little spot in the country.

You may have considered growing a garden in the past, but have you ever thought about growing your own mushrooms? Mushrooms are a popular addition to pizza, burgers and sandwiches, as well as the star of their own delicious soups and stir-fry dishes. In addition to mushrooms as a food crop, many types of mushrooms are grown for their potential health benefits.

How to inoculate spawn bagsHow to inoculate spawn bags

How to inoculate OUR SPAWN BAGSSterilized bags 

Sterilized bags with no spawn ports

Making a Self Healing Injector Port

Easy and fast way to make a port

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Mushroom Growing Blog

A wealth of information on mushrooms 

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