How To Make A Self Healing Injector Port

This is an easy and fast way to make a self healing injector port on our sterilized grain bags.First you will need to gather your materials.

Prepare Your Grain Bag

First you must clean the inoculation point on the sterilized spawn bag. The inoculation point on the bag is the small piece of white tape located on the front of the bag directly above the substrate. Once you locate the inoculation point clean the inoculation point by gently swabbing it with your alcohol pad.
Don't over saturate the inoculation point with alcohol or it will take a long time to dry. A few wipes with the alcohol pad is sufficient. Allow the inoculation point to dry for 2-3 minuets.

Now you are ready to apply the RTV Gasket Maker to the inoculation point on the spawn bag.

Prepare your tube of RTV Gasket Maker for use. On this particular brand of gasket maker, you pierce the top of the tube with the cap provided. Screw on the cone shaped tip provided with the gasket maker. Once your tube of RTV Gasket Maker is ready for use you are ready for the next step.

Apply the RTV Gasket Maker to the inoculation point on the spawn bag

I like to lay the bag down on a flat surface at this point. Squeeze the tube ever so gently on to the inoculation point. Personally I like to make a small swirling motion. I do this in an attempt to work the gasket maker into the porous inoculation tape.
Don't use too much or it will messy. Once you are done it should look something like the picture below.
Allow 24 hours dry time before use.
I hope this has been helpful and I encourage any feedback. Thanks for your interest in OutGrow®.
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