Lions Mane Mushroom Grow Kit

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  • Complete Lion's Mane Grow Kit: Everything you need to cultivate Lion's Mane mushrooms at home, including a 6.5lb pre-inoculated substrate block.
  • Easy-to-Follow Instructions: Detailed, step-by-step guidance provided for setup, care, and harvesting processes.
  • Optimal Growth Design: Box with perforated front panel ensures controlled fruiting and ideal light exposure.
  • Rapid Pin Development: See the beginnings of your mushrooms, known as 'pins', emerge within 1-2 weeks of initiation.
  • Extended Harvesting Period: Enjoy a full mushroom maturity and readiness for harvest within 4-5 weeks post pinning.
  • Multiple Flushes Possible: Capable of producing up to three successive flushes of mushrooms for an extended yield.
  • Soak and Grow Cycle: Easy rehydration steps for initiating subsequent flushes, with timelines provided for each growth phase.
  • Ideal Indoor Conditions: Grow kit designed for warm environments away from direct sunlight and drafts, mimicking natural conditions.
  • Safe and Allergy-Conscious: Guidelines included for spore management to ensure a safe cultivation experience.
  • Harvest and Storage: Instructions for harvesting, immediate culinary use, and proper storage techniques for longevity.
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