Lions Mane Mushroom Spawn (1qt.)

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  • Ensures a quicker and more fruitful mushroom cultivation by providing pre-colonized substrate.
  • Saves time and effort as there's no need to prepare your own spawn from scratch.
  • Adapts well to multiple growth mediums like straw, wood chips, or compost, offering versatility in cultivation approaches.
  • High-quality, robust mycelium ensures better chances of a successful cultivation and higher yields.
  • Easy storage guidelines maintain the spawn's viability until you're ready to use it.
  • Helps in achieving the right spawn-to-substrate ratio for efficient mycelium colonization.
  • Facilitates a smooth transition to the fruiting stage with well-established mycelium.
  • Optimized for both hobbyist growers and commercial farming, making it a practical choice for different cultivation scales.
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