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Different types of gourmet and medicinal mushroom spawn.

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We Offer Different Kinds of Live Mushroom Spawn

Golden Oyster Mushroom Spawn

Golden oyster mushroom spawn flourishes in warm weather and usually begins colonizing the substrate after between four and 12 months. This spawn generates clusters that have yellow caps and is easy to grow, so it is a good choice for you if you are a beginner mushroom grower.

King Oyster Mushroom Spawn

King oyster mushroom spawn grows quickly and produces mushrooms that are dense and meaty. For optimal cultivation, you should grow king oyster mushroom spawn on actual hardwood or an enhanced hardwood mixture, like some type of master's mix. King oyster mushroom spawn is more suitable for a mushroom grower with an intermediate skill level.

Blue Oyster Mushroom Spawn

Blue oyster mushroom spawn grows rapidly and has a distinct gray-blue hue. You should grow blue oyster mushroom spawn on hardwood logs for optimal colonization. Blue oyster mushroom spawn prefers softer species of hardwood like aspen and poplar.

Pink Oyster Mushroom Spawn

Pink oyster mushroom spawn grows the best in warm weather. Pink oyster mushroom spawn creates pink and almost red clusters of mushrooms. You can improve the mushrooms' color by growing them using sufficient light. The pink oyster mushroom is good for beginners because it produces dependably in the year's warmer months.

Lion's Mane Mushroom Spawn

If you are a beginner cultivating mushrooms indoors, lion's mane mushroom spawn is probably a good product for you. The lion's mane mushroom produces reliably throughout the entire year. Since it gives you generous first, second, and third harvests, you can probably easily grow the lion's mane mushroom commercially.

Pearl Oyster Mushroom Spawn

The Pearl oyster mushroom is named after a farmer who found the mushroom in Virginia. Pearl oyster mushroom spawn grows into clusters with a creamy color if you grow them on either Tree of Heaven or poplar logs.

Blue Brat Oyster Mushroom Spawn

The blue brat oyster mushroom grows bountifully on almost any kind of straw-based or wood-based substrate. Its color can differ from a light gray to a deep blue.

Commercial Shiitake Mushroom Spawn

If you are growing Shiitake mushrooms indoors for personal use, you should know you need to have infrastructure suitable for a basic lab to grow these mushrooms successfully. Commercial growers with an intermediate skill level will likely enjoy growing Shiitake mushrooms, though.

Black Poplar Mushroom Spawn

Black poplar mushroom spawn likes to grow on hardwood logs that are buried halfway lengthwise in a shady garden or in the woods. You can also grow it on sawdust material, especially if that sawdust is both sterilized as well as supplemented. Black poplar mushrooms are also quite tough, but they are also somewhat challenging to grow.

Chestnut Mushroom Spawn

You can grow chestnut mushrooms fairly easily as long as you are not a beginner. If you are not yet experienced enough to correctly identify different species of mushrooms, growing chestnut mushrooms may not be right for you.

Nameko Mushroom Spawn

Unlike some kinds of oyster mushrooms, the nameko mushroom thrives in cooler temperatures. Nameko mushrooms are often used to thicken soups because they have gelatinous caps.

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