Medium Mushroom Grow Bags with .5 Micron Filter (14A)

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  • Medium-sized 8" X 4.8" X 19" mushroom grow bags, ideal for advanced mushroom cultivation.
  • Constructed from 2.2 Mil Polypropylene, ensuring durability during the mushroom cultivation process.
  • 0.5 micron filter patch designed for optimal gas exchange, aiding in mycelium growth and substrate health.
  • Prevents dehydration of spawn, ensuring successful mushroom cultivation at home.
  • Designed for easy sealing; compatible with 12" or larger impulse sealers, enhancing the mushroom cultivation supplies toolkit.
  • Side-gusseted design ensures a sturdy stand-up bag post-filling, perfect for growing mushrooms in bags.
  • Manufactured with proprietary additives, making it a top choice among mushroom supplies.
  • Strong bottom seal can withstand agitation, ensuring longevity in your mushroom cultivation supplies.
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