Morchella eohespera

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  • Product: Morchella eohespera in a 10cc mushroom liquid culture syringe.
  • Guaranteed young and healthy liquid culture ensuring vibrant mycelium growth for your cultivation journey.
  • Genetically isolated for optimal potency, ideal for inoculating sterilized grains and agar petri dishes.
  • Expertly crafted for both beginner mushroom cultivation and advanced mushroom cultivation methods.
  • Safe storage guidance: Store in a cool, dark place to maintain liquid culture purity and longevity.
  • Distinguished by its strain and meticulous preparation, setting a gold standard in the market.
  • Convenient and user-friendly, perfect for DIY setups for mushroom enthusiasts and scaling up mushroom cultures.
  • Prepared following mycology best practices to minimize contamination risks and maximize success.
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