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Cauliflower Mushroom (Sparassis crispa)
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Cauliflower Mushroom (Sparassis crispa)
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Cauliflower Mushroom (Sparassis Crispa)

Grow your own edible and medicinal Cauliflower mushrooms with liquid culture

Sparassis Crispa is known as the Cauliflower mushroom for it resembles the
head of a cauliflower. It is found in eastern North America as well as in Europe.
Mushroom hunters love this mushroom as it is known to be full of flavor with a
satisfying crunchy texture. However, it is quite rare to find in the wild so chances
of experiencing it are much better by growing it! Like many mushrooms, it is
nutrient dense and has shown medicinal benefits.

1. Strengthen the immune system by raising haemoglobin levels*
2. Anti-tumour*
3. antifungal*

Sparassis Crispa has an unmistakable shape. It has short and contorted
branches that are tightly packed and arising from a common base. It is best
picked when white and young. They turn yellow as they age and become too
indigestible to eat. They should be washed thoroughly before consuming as the
folds will grow around surrounding debris, trapping dirt and other unwanted

Out-Grow is proud to present a full line of edible and medicinal mushroom
cultures. Economically priced so that everyone can enjoy the wonderful hobby
and benefits of mushroom cultivation. Our cultures are made by experts and are
100% clean and viable.

The liquid culture syringes are between 10 and 12cc and are ready to inject to
your substrate of choice such as sterilized rye berries.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure,
or prevent any disease.

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