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Ferulae Mushroom (Pleurotus ferulae)
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Ferulae Mushroom (Pleurotus ferulae)
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Ferulae Mushroom (Pleurotus ferulae)

Grow your own edible and medicinal Ferulae mushrooms with liquid culture

Pleurotus ferulae or Ferulae Mushroom has been widely used for its nutritional
and medicinal benefits. They originate from China and is still being intensively
grown there. In the same family as Oyster mushrooms, it also contains
lovastatins that help lower cholesterol as well as having antibacterial properties.*

1. Antibacterial*
2. Lowers cholesterol*
3. anti-cancer*
4. Immune booster*
5. Liver support*

Ferulae Mushroom is larger than other Oyster mushrooms. It is white with sandy
beige stripes at the surface of its cap and a diameter of 6-12cm and 2-4cm thick.
It needs a lot of fresh air to grow or it will grow very slowly. It is also subject to rot
if the temperature and humidity is too high. Ideally, the temperature should be
46-59 degrees Farenheit. It should be harvested when the caps become flat.

Out-Grow is proud to present a full line of edible and medicinal mushroom
cultures. Economically priced so that everyone can enjoy the wonderful hobby
and benefits of mushroom cultivation. Our cultures are made by experts and are
100% clean and viable.

The liquid culture syringes are between 10 and 12cc and are ready to inject to
your substrate of choice such as sterilized rye berries.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure,
or prevent any disease.