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Oyster Mushroom, Pearl (Pleurotus ostreatus)
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Oyster Mushroom, Pearl (Pleurotus ostreatus)
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Pearl oyster mushrooms are a white colored variety of pleurotus ostreatus which
is prized by mushroom enthusiasts worldwide! Pearl oyster mushrooms are a
welcome addition to many dishes and are very healthy for you. Pleurotus
ostreatus has been shown to have statins and lovastatins that help in lowering
cholesterol in the body, as well as having antibacterial properties.*

1. Antibacterial*
2. Lowers cholesterol*
3. anti-cancer*
4. Immune booster*

Pearl oyster mushrooms are a very notable mushroom which is effortlessly
perceived by is brilliant white color and the way it develops on wood in small to
large clusters. Pearl oyster mushrooms generally range in size with whitish gills
that travel down the stem of the mushroom releasing a whitish to pinkish colored
spore print. Pearl oyster mushrooms generally produce in fall and winter on logs
across North America. When cultivating indoors using straw or supplemented
sawdust cultivation time is 4 to 5 weeks. Pearl oyster mushrooms require a lot of
natural air flow to grow to their full potential. High CO2 gas build up can affect
the size of your pearl oyster mushrooms when cultivating indoors. Cultivation
temperatures are 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit with fruiting temperatures being
60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. These wonderful mushrooms are one of the easiest
mushrooms to cultivate and are great for beginners.

Out-Grow is proud to present a full line of edible and medicinal mushroom
cultures. Economically priced so that everyone can enjoy the wonderful hobby
and benefits of mushroom cultivation. Our cultures are made by experts and are
100% clean and viable.

The liquid culture syringes are between 10 and 12cc and are ready to inject to
your substrate of choice such as sterilized rye berries.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure,
or prevent any disease.

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