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Large Six Strip Mushroom Grow Bag
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Large Six Strip Mushroom Grow Bag
  • Model: OGLMBEGB100

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With its double filter seams and depth filtration system, the Full-Gas Microsac ensures the problem-free production of spawn and substrates.

The Full-Gas Microsac is provided with a series of parallel filter seams. Each seam consists of a double row of miniscule filter plugs, comparable to tiny wads of hydrophobic cotton wool. The level of gas exchange and the number of filters depends on the application: mother spawn, spawn, substrate, etc.

The Microsac seams are unique because of depth filtration. As opposed to conventional spawn and substrate bags that use surface filtration, microsac filters guarantee a much more even and efficient gas exchange. While surface filtration relies on microperforation, Microsac filters are composed of randomly arranged fibres in which microorganisms get trapped, much like the HEPA-filter system. This allows a fluent gas exchange without a drying-out zone below the filters, while still forming a firm barrier against microorganisms.

Ideal for 10-12 lbs of spawn or substrate

material : polypropylene
foil thickness: 75 ยต
purpose: for substrate
number of filter strips: 6
bottom gusset: no
heat resistance: 124C - 255F
width : 13 inch
height: 22 inch



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