Mushroom Growing Supplies

All the mushroom growing equipment for all your mushroom growing needs!

Explore Our Extensive Range of Mushroom Growing Equipment

At Out Grow, we provide a comprehensive selection of equipment designed to support and enhance your mushroom cultivation projects. Whether you're a seasoned cultivator or just starting out, our equipment range is tailored to meet the needs of mushroom growers at every level. Explore our categories to find the perfect tools and equipment for your cultivation journey.

Choose from Various Equipment Categories Tailored for Mushroom Cultivation:

Culture Media & Isolation Tools:

Discover our range of culture media and isolation tools designed to provide a sterile environment for your mushroom cultures.

Cultivation Equipment:

Equip yourself with our selection of cultivation tools and accessories to ensure a successful growing experience.

Cultivation Accessories:

From handling to monitoring, find all the necessary accessories to facilitate your mushroom cultivation process.

Microscopes and Microscopy:

Delve deeper into the microscopic world of mycology with our range of microscopes and microscopy accessories.

Mushroom Grow Bags:

Explore our collection of grow bags designed to provide a conducive environment for mushroom growth and cultivation.

Laboratory Apparel:

Keep yourself protected and maintain a sterile cultivation environment with our range of laboratory apparel.

Drying and Preservation:

Ensure the longevity and quality of your harvest with our drying and preservation solutions.

Canners & Sterilizers:

Keep your cultivation tools sterile with our selection of canners and sterilizers.

Canner & Sterilizer Parts:

Maintain the performance of your sterilization equipment with our selection of canner and sterilizer parts.

Impulse Heat Sealers:

Achieve secure and reliable sealing for your cultivation materials with our impulse heat sealers.

Mushroom Culture Media Isolation Tools

Mushroom Culture Media and Isolation ToolsMushroom Culture Media and Isolation Tools

Mushroom Cultivation Equipment

Mushroom Cultivation equipment and suppliesMushroom Cultivation equipment and supplies

Mushroom Cultivation Accessories

Capsule Filling MachineCapsule Filling Machine

Microscopes and Microscopy

Microscope for MicroscopyMicroscope for Microscopy

Mushroom Grow Bags

Mushroom Grow BagsMushroom Grow Bags

Laboratory Apparel

Tyvek Laboratory ApparelTyvek Laboratory Apparel

Mushroom Drying and Preservation

Mushroom DehydratorsMushroom Dehydrators

Canner & Sterilizer Parts

Sterilizer PartsSterilizer Parts

Impulse Heat Sealers

Heat SealersHeat Sealers

All American Pressure Cookers & Sterilizers

All American Pressure CookerAll American Pressure Cooker
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