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Pasteurized Wheat Straw (5lbs)
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Pasteurized Wheat Straw (5lbs)
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  • Manufactured by: Out-Grow

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Details: Here we have 5 pounds of chopped, cleaned and pasteurized wheat straw. This is the perfect mushroom growing substrate for many types of mushrooms. The most popular species and easiest to grow are oyster mushrooms.

We heat pasteurize the straw at 160°F for 3 hours. Because we pasteurize our straw we are killing off harmful contaminates and leaving only good bacteria. This is essential for optimal production. You can just dump your colonized grains in the grow bag, mix and reseal. It is super simple. You are not limited to growing in the bag. You can use any well cleaned container if you wish. Our pasteurized straw can last over 30 days with no refrigeration or anything. Sometimes your spawn may take longer than expected so this is a nice option. Think of how much fun you will have with your family growing oyster mushrooms.

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