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Wheat Straw Based All in One Mushroom Grow Bag ™
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Wheat Straw Based All in One Mushroom Grow Bag ™
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Details: For your convenience Out-Grow has made an all in one wheat straw based mushroom grow bag substrate to simplify the mushroom cultivation process. This all in one grow bag has two different layers of substrates so there is no need to transfer substrates to different bags or trays thus reducing the chance of contamination. This all in one grow bag is wheat straw based and works great for most gourmet mushroom species. Fully hydrated and sterilized with a five micron filter patch and self healing injection port. Simply inoculate the rye berry layer of the substrate with 2-5 cc of your favorite gourmet mushroom spore solution. After inoculation allow your all in one bag to colonize in room temps for 4-6 weeks until your first flush of mushrooms. These bags hold three pounds (about five quarts of substrate. Shiitake, Reshi, Oyster mushrooms and many more gourmet mushrooms will thrive off of this substrate. This substrate can be fruited in the bag or once fully colonized removed from the bag and placed in a fruiting chamber once you start to see pinning.

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