Offline Order Form

We understand that some customers may prefer to order offline by sending cash, checks, or money order. We accept all forms of payment, however, personal checks maybe delayed, as ALL checks will be cashed and cleared before shipping.

Please fill out the form linked below with the products you would like, each product's price, quantity of product, plus the cost of shipping.

Please check the box and fill in your email if you would like to have us confirm by email that we have received your money order and everything is in good standing.

Send the form and money to our headquarter's address to Out-Grow ,11321 North Hulbert Rd, McConnell IL 61050

Please Note: If you do not provide enough money to cover the cost of products and shipping, we will contact you and try to work out an agreement. Most likely it will result in us excluding some of the products until the money provided pays for the products and shipping fees. If you send MORE money than what is needed, we will contact you and offer to add more products, or to return it when we send out your package.

Offline Order Form:

Out Grow Order Form .pdf

Out Grow Order Form .docx