Saint Lawrence River Morel (Morchella laurentiana)

Saint Lawrence River Morel (Morchella laurentiana)
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 The Saint Lawrence River Morel (Morchella laurentiana) is a species of edible mushroom in the Morchella genus, which is known for its distinctive, honeycomb-like cap. It is found in eastern North America, primarily in the region around the Saint Lawrence River. The species is found growing in wooded areas, often near rivers or other bodies of water. The cap is typically pale to dark brown in color, with a wrinkled or pitted surface, and the stem is white and hollow. The Saint Lawrence River Morel is considered a delicacy by many mushroom enthusiasts, and is prized for its nutty, earthy flavor and meaty texture. The species is typically found in the spring, and can be harvested by foragers or wild-harvested sustainably. 

You will receive a 10CC Gourmet and Medicinal liquid culture syringe. These are filled with living mycelium suspended in a nutrient broth solution

10cc liquid culture syringe of living mycelium. Ready to use for inoculation of agar plates, mushroom substrate or liquid culture.

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