Small Mushroom Grow Bags with (4A)

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  • High-quality 3.0 Mil Polypropylene material ensures durability and resistance up to 260F.
  • Optimal 4" X 3" X 18" size with gusseted sides for efficient substrate utilization.
  • 0.5 micron filter patch ensures proper gas exchange while preventing dehydration and contamination.
  • 99% efficient for gas transfer, making it ideal for spawn production.
  • Easy-to-seal bag opening and strong bottom seal designed to withstand agitation.
  • Perfect for mushroom cultivation, spawn production, and other fungal projects.
  • Recommended sealing with an 8" impulse sealer or similar device for optimal results.
  • Manufactured with proprietary additives to remain pliable at any temperature, even after sterilization.
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