1 X Sterilized Rye Berry Quart Jar and 2 X One Pound Bags of Manure Based Substrate

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  • The Sterilized Rye Berry Quart Jar and 2x One-Pound Bags of Manure-Based Substrate Bundle is a perfect solution for mushroom cultivation, providing both substrates needed to grow mushrooms at home.
  • The bundle includes a 1-quart jar of sterilized rye berries, which is ideal for making spawn, and 2x one-pound bags of manure-based substrate, which is formulated to provide optimal growing conditions for dung-loving mushrooms.
  • This bundle is an excellent deal for mushroom growers of all levels, saving both money and time by providing the necessary substrates in one convenient package.
  • With its high-quality construction and user-friendly features, this bundle makes mushroom cultivation simple, effective, and affordable.
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