50/50 Horse Manure and Straw Mix Mushroom Substrate

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  • The mix of OutGrow®'s compost and wheat straw is perfect for dung/straw loving fungi species.
  • Using this 50/50 mix can result in much larger yields compared to just casing grains or all-in-one grow bags.
  • The product is sterilized and ready to use upon delivery, simply add your gourmet mushroom spawn and mix.
  • OutGrow®'s straw/compost mix is made with natural and chemical-free products, including field leached and shredded horse manure, shredded golden wheat straw, coconut coir, and vermiculite.
  • OutGrow®'s 50/50 mix comes heat-sealed and sterilized in a mushroom grow bag, making it convenient to grow in the bag or add to trays or tubs.
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