Cultivate Mushrooms To Live More Sustainably

Cultivate Mushrooms To Live More Sustainably
Mushrooms are delicious, healthy, and easy to cultivate food. They can be grown at home with just a little bit of knowledge and preparation. A few important things to know before beginning your cultivation process include location, substrate type/source, sterilization method, spawn bag practice, cooling period length, and casting processes. Let's take a look at the basics.

Find a Good Location for Your Mushroom Garden

Mushrooms need to be grown in a shady, sheltered location that protects them from the wind. They grow best under trees or in wooded areas with lots of shade and shelter from high winds.

If this type of environment isn't available, don't worry; mushrooms can also thrive on your own home's roof or inside a container! The most important thing is that you constantly carefully monitor them for any signs of distress.

You will need to purchase substrate material for the mushrooms to grow.

You have lots of options here! The most common types are straw, wood chips, or sawdust mixed with wheat paste and rice flour - this mixture is often called wet-sawdust. Other options include home-brewed coffee grounds and dried grass clippings. Be creative, and you might be surprised at all the different materials that support vigorous mushroom growth.

Choose What Type of Mushroom You Want to Grow

You won't need to be a recognized expert at mushroom growing or have a degree in biology. Mushrooms are pretty straightforward and forgiving plants, which is why they're the perfect choice for home cultivation! Shiitake mushrooms grow on hardwood logs; You can grow Oyster mushrooms on outdoor compost piles; White Button Mushroom growing kits come with everything you need to start this fun hobby.

Install a Humidifier Nearby if You Live in an Arid Climate Such As Arizona or New Mexico

Mushrooms need humidity to thrive, and you can't always rely on the weather to provide it. To take care of this issue, install a humidifier in your home. Purchase one if you don't own one. They're reasonably inexpensive and easy to use.

One more way to maintain optimal humidity is by watering the substrate in an enclosure. That will increase the moisture in the environment.

Build a Shelf Above Your Bed for Growing Mushrooms Indoors While You Sleep

Do you want to grow mushrooms indoors? Build a shelf over your bed, and place the growing container on it. The light in the room will do wonders for the mycelium growth as long as there is a timer set so that when you're sleeping or not at home, they don't get too much sunlight, which causes them to fruit too early.

Harvest and Eat Your Homegrown Mushrooms

The best part is when you get to enjoy the harvest. You'll find you have lots of new friends when your new batch arrives. Whether you use a kit or not, you'll find that growing mushrooms at home is one of the most enjoyable hobbies of all time!

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