Delicious Ways to Cook Puffball Mushrooms

Delicious Ways to Cook Puffball Mushrooms

Puffball mushrooms add variety to any diet. These unique mushrooms are a round, white fungus that can be as small as a golf ball or as large as a watermelon. Puffball mushrooms are ready to eat when they are milky white.

You need to be selective when choosing the puffball mushrooms you will cook with. You want the mushroom to have a soft texture, almost like fresh bread. Check the mushroom for blemishes. Blemishes could indicate that the mushroom is poisonous. It is best to purchase mushrooms from a reputable market or store. If you are picking mushrooms to eat, you should consult with a mushroom expert.

How to Cook a Puffball Mushroom

One of the best ways to cook a giant puffball mushroom is to cut it into thick steaks. You can fry it until it is crispy and golden on the outside. Or you can cut the mushroom in chunks and add them to a tomato-based sauce as a topping for pasta.

Some people enjoy a freshly picked puffball mushroom sliced and fried with eggs. This is often referred to as a forager's breakfast.

A puffball soufflé includes puffball mushrooms finely chopped and combined with a soufflé mix. You can add nutmeg and Parmesan before throwing the soufflé into the oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for around 30 minutes. This is a delicious option.

If you are looking for a recipe that takes a bit more time, take the mushroom and cut it into 1-inch cubes. Take a few slices of bacon and cut them into pieces. Fry them both using oil and crushed garlic. You want the bacon to become crispy. Continually turn the mushrooms as you cook them. At the end, throw in a little port to give it a delicate flavor and aroma.

You can use the same recipe as above and then coat all the cubes in flour, egg, and bread crumbs. The only change to make if you choose this option is to leave off the port.

Puffball Mushroom Cheese Croquettes

You can also make puffball mushrooms stuffed with cheese. Who could ask for anything better? For this recipe, you will want a puffball mushroom that is about the size of a grapefruit or larger. It is a simple recipe, so you don’t need exact proportions.

First, prepare the puffball mushroom by peeling the outer skin. Inspect the mushroom to make sure it is pure white and has the firmness of Styrofoam.

Next, cut the mushroom into 1/4 slices. Season the mushroom with salt and pepper.

Now, take your cheese of choice and put it on one slice of mushroom. Press down on the cheese so it makes an indent or a pocket in the mushroom. Take another slice of puffball mushroom and place it on top of the slice that has the cheese. Press down on the second mushroom slice to make a sandwich.

Take each puffball “sandwich” and coat it with flour, dip them in eggs, and then press them in breadcrumbs. Take a cast-iron skillet that is hot with oil and fry the sandwiches on medium heat until they are golden brown.

Enjoy them with a delicious, spicy ketchup. Puffball mushrooms are a delicious way to add variety to your diet. They taste great with any sort of tomato sauce or spicy ketchup.

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