Everything You Need to Know About Growing Portobello Mushrooms

Everything You Need to Know About Growing Portobello Mushrooms

What Are Portobello Mushrooms?

Portobello mushrooms are mushrooms characterized by their thick brown cap and bright, white stem. Portobello mushrooms are edible and are rich in fiber and vitamins like vitamin D, vitamin B, and other antioxidants.

What Kind of Soil Do Portobello Mushrooms Need?

Most Portobello mushrooms grow best in soil that is rich in compost. Compost is defined as a combination of animal manure, eggshells, leaves, and other organic compounds. This matter stays moist until it decomposes and leaves the soil rich in nutrients, creating a healthy base for the Portobello mushrooms to grow.

What Temperature Should the Portobello Mushrooms be Kept at?

Portobello mushrooms grow the best when in environments that fluctuate between 60 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Colder temperatures slow down the growth of Portobello mushrooms, whereas temperatures over 74 degrees prevent the mushrooms from growing entirely. Once the temperature of the environment exceeds 86 degrees Fahrenheit, you can expect the fungus to die.

How Humid Does the Environment Need to Be for Portabella Mushrooms to Grow?

Portobello mushrooms need ample amounts of water to grow because they don't have strong enough skin to lock in moisture. In fact, if the humidity of the environment is too low, the cells in the fungus will quickly lose water, and may eventually cause the mushrooms to dry out completely and die. However, if the humidity in the environment is too high, instead of the Portobello mushroom withering away, it can potentially drown in the abundant moisture. This is because, with too much humidity, anaerobic bacteria multiplies, depriving the mushrooms of much-needed oxygen.

Growing Portobello Mushrooms Indoors

If you're trying to grow the Portobello mushrooms indoors, the process is pretty similar to how you’d need to grow them outdoors, too. The main difference is that if you choose to grow the Portobello mushrooms indoors, the growing process may take longer overall. Portobello mushrooms are easy to grow indoors because the temperature and humidity in the environment can be easily controlled. To grow Portobello mushrooms, start by creating a garden bed out of regular building materials, but wood in particular. The dimensions of this garden bed should be 4 feet by 4 feet, and the bed should be approximately 8 inches in depth. Once you have finished constructing the garden bed, it is time to add compost. Once you have added the compost, simply cover up the surface of the garden bed with old newspapers and leave it alone for roughly two weeks.

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