How to Grow Reishi Mushrooms

How to Grow Reishi Mushrooms

Although they have a bitter taste, reishi mushrooms are recommended by doctors for medical purposes. They can easily be added to tea or soup. If you have never grown reishi mushrooms, now would be a good time to start. While they might need some extra attention, they are not so complex to take care of. Here are some ways to grow reishi mushrooms.

Growing Reishi Mushrooms Using a Kit

Growing your mushrooms using a kit is the easiest method. All you need is to get your kit in a suitable environment, and then you are good to go. You can order the kit online or get it from any organic foods store. Once you get the kit, open it up, and fill the kit bag with water. Allow the mushrooms to soak overnight.

After the soak, take the mushrooms out, and attach dowels around the top of the bag. The dowels will help hold the mushrooms upright like a tent. It will also help to keep the moisture inside. Put the kit in a tray in a corner under fluorescent light, preferably in a basement. Ensure that the mushrooms stay humidified by spraying them with water a few times a day.

Allow the mushrooms to grow for around two months. When you notice the mushrooms have light brown dust, they are ready for harvesting and can be stored in a container.

Growing Reishi Mushrooms Using Wood Pulp Activation

Take reishi fungus and wood pulp and add them to a glass bottle. Keep this bottle in a basement under fluorescent light, and spray it with water daily to keep it humidified. The growing process will take about six months.

Grow Reishi Mushrooms on Logs

Cut healthy living trees in the dormant season. Let them rest for about two weeks before inoculating them. One way to ensure that your trees stay moist while resting is by storing them low to the ground but out of the soil and leaf layer. While you might have them stay longer than two weeks, there is the risk of contamination, which will affect how your mushrooms grow.

Drill 1-inch holes on a diamond pattern along with the logs of wood. You can drill up to 50 holes per log. If you are using a plug spawn, use a hammer to gently tap into one plug per hole so that it is flush with the hole's surface, and then seal the plug in with the wax. For sawdust spawn, break it apart, and inject the spawn into each of the holes using an inoculation tool. Wax these holes as well. Waxing helps keep the moisture in and reduces the risk of contaminating the spawn.

Once you have done this, place the logs away from wind and direct sunshine but where they can get direct rainfall. The growth process can take up to six months, but always check in on the plants.

From the methods above, you can see that it is not hard to grow your reishi mushrooms. Pick a method that will work for you, and enjoy your mushrooms when they are mature.

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