How to Marinate Mushrooms the Right Way

How to Marinate Mushrooms the Right Way

What Kinds of Mushrooms Can You Use?

There are many kinds of edible mushrooms, and one good thing about marinating them is that you can use almost any edible mushroom. The only exceptions to this are reishi and other tough polypores. For example, you can get button mushrooms from the grocery store if you want to marinate mushrooms, and they work just fine in a marinated mushroom recipe.

Prepare the Mushrooms for Marinating

The first step in preparing the mushrooms before you marinate them is to use a damp cloth or a brush to clean off the mushrooms. You should not wash the mushrooms, though. This is because an excessive amount of water will cause the mushrooms to become soggy, which can prove disastrous for your recipe.

Depending on your recipe, you may or may not cut the mushrooms next. It is common to remove the stems of the mushrooms because the caps soak up juices better than the stems. You can even take out the gills of the mushrooms too if you so wish. However, it is worth noting that removing the gills of the mushrooms takes a fair amount of work so you might prefer to just avoid doing this.

Make the Marinade for the Mushrooms

You should follow the instructions when you are making the marinade for the mushrooms. You have plenty of room for creative freedom in this step of the process. In fact, you can even create your own recipe for the marinade if you choose to do so.

Mix the Mushrooms and the Marinade

The next step in this process is to first put the marinade along with the mushrooms into a plastic container that is safe for food. After that, you should mix the mushrooms and the marinade together inside this plastic container. Once you have finished mixing the mushrooms and the marinade, you should put the mixture into your refrigerator.

You can allow the mixture to sit for as little as one hour if you wish. However, you could also choose to allow the mixture to sit in your refrigerator overnight. It is important that you do not allow the mixture to sit for more than 24 hours because if you let the mushrooms sit for more than 25 hours, the mushrooms could soften up too much.

Cook the Mushrooms However You Like

You have several different options in terms of cooking the mushrooms. You can put the mushrooms on your grill and cook them that way if you want. Alternatively, you can boil the mushrooms in a pot if you prefer that method. You could also cook the mushrooms in a skillet.

You should not eat raw mushrooms since raw mushrooms are difficult to digest properly. If you have any leftover marinade, you can throw it out, or you can use it for the rest of your meal instead. After you are done cooking, you can serve the mushrooms however you want. We recommend that you refrigerate any leftovers you have. These leftover mushrooms will keep just fine for between one and several weeks inside of your refrigerator.

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