How to Store Mushrooms

How to Store Mushrooms

Mushrooms are among the most challenging commodities you can store because of their high moisture-absorbing rate. Failure to pay attention to them can cause your mushrooms to go from good looking to sludgy in a couple of days. However, if you store mushrooms properly, they can stay fresh for almost one week as you will prevent the growth of fungi, which plays a significant role in spoiling them.


Method 1: The Original Packaging


The most crucial step in making sure that mushrooms are fresh is by buying healthy-looking mushrooms. When you buy the mushrooms, ensure that you keep them in their original packaging if you do not intend to use them right away. The plastic wrap has small perforations that offer the movement of moisture.


Nevertheless, if you want to eat mushroom right away, make a small hole in the plastic wrap, and take it out of the package. Remember to cover the area with a plastic wrap immediately to protect the mushrooms from moisture.


When you arrive home, remember to refrigerate the mushrooms in their original packaging. This will reduce their growth process, preventing them from spoiling quickly.


Method 2: Using a Paper Bag


If you hate storing mushrooms in their original packaging, you can choose to store them in a new paper bag instead. The size of the bag will vary depending on the number of mushrooms you are planning to keep. However, you can go for a brown paper lunch bag as they are ideally the best choice.


When you put the mushrooms in the bag, do not close or fold the bag's uppermost part. Leaving the paper bag open helps maintain a balanced level of moisture. When you close the top of the bag means you will trap some moisture, which will create a suitable environment for fungi growth and cause your mushrooms to spoil.


Remember to store the mushrooms in the refrigerator, preferably in the crisper drawer. This will protect the mushrooms from taking in the taste and scent of other foods. Using this method, you will be able to keep your mushrooms safe for approximately seven to 10 days.


Method 3: Freezing the Mushrooms


If you do not intend to eat your mushrooms within a week, freezing them will help preserve them for an extended period. Begin by rinsing the mushrooms underwater and exposing them to direct sunlight to dry. Once they are dry, brush them with a mushroom brush or towel to remove the excess dirt off them.


Cut the mushrooms into even pieces using an egg slicer and saute them in one tablespoon of olive oil with pepper and salt. Cook them for some minutes and leave them to cool before freezing them. The purpose of cooking the mushrooms is to stop them from gripping moisture when they unfreeze. Remember to blow them out in one layer in a cooking sheet until they cool evenly. When they cool, store them using sealable plastic bags, and put them in the refrigerator.

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