Sterilized Rye Berry Jar & Two 1lb Manure-Based Substrate Bags

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  • Quart-sized jar of sterilized rye berries, ideal for effective spawn generation.
  • Manure-based substrates in two one-pound bags, for mushroom cultivation.
  • Compatible with a broad spectrum of dung-loving mushroom varieties.
  • Economical package deal, saving money over individual substrate purchases.
  • Approachable for all skill levels, from novice growers to seasoned mycologists.
  • Free from contaminants, providing a clean start for your cultivation.
  • Streamlines the cultivation process, significantly reducing setup time.
  • Ready-to-use upon arrival, facilitating an immediate commencement of your project.
  • Strictly monitored production to ensure consistent, high-quality substrates.
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