How Do You Cook Lion's Mane Mushrooms Properly?

How Do You Cook Lion's Mane Mushrooms Properly?

Clean the Lion's Mane Mushrooms Thoroughly

First, trim off any bug-eaten or damaged spots. You can even run your finger through the hairs on the mushroom to detect any concealed dirt or bugs. After that, you should use a brush in order to get rid of any dirt that is on the lion's mane mushrooms. Next, get a paper towel and use that to squeeze the water out of the mushrooms firmly but also gently. It is possible that the mushrooms you got are quite dirty.

If so, simply dunk them quickly in a bowl filled with saltwater, and this will eliminate any possible bugs or dirt. You should make sure not to soak the mushrooms in water for too long. If you do soak them for too long, the mushrooms will become water-logged and get soggy after you cook them.

Cut the Mushrooms Into Pieces

The next step in cooking lion's mane mushrooms is cutting them up into steaks that are half an inch in size. Next, one way to cook them is to heat up a large skillet and cook them by dry sauté. You should continue with the dry sauté process until the water has boiled away. If you see the mushrooms' edges start to become brown, you are done.

You Can Make Golden Brown Sautéed Lion's Mane Mushrooms

Golden brown sautéed lion's mane mushrooms are one dish you can make using these mushrooms. For this recipe, you need to have the lion's mane mushrooms, 2 tablespoons of butter or a butter alternative, 3 tablespoons of olive oil, and two sliced onions. You will also need to have a dash of turmeric powder in addition to three garlic cloves.

First, put some olive oil into the skillet you're using and heat the skillet over medium-high heat. You can then add some of your butter or butter substitute into the skillet at this point if you wish. If you got large lion's mane mushrooms, slice them up. If you got smaller lion's mane mushrooms, you can just toss them into the skillet whole.

Flip the mushroom pieces frequently for roughly seven minutes until they are golden brown. Cut up your two onions and toss the onion pieces along with three smashed garlic cloves, a bit of olive oil, and some turmeric powder into a pan over medium heat. Stir and turn the mushrooms frequently for roughly six minutes until the onions have started to soften. Lay the onions on top of your sautéed mushrooms and serve.

You Can Even Make Deep-Fried Lion's Mane Mushrooms

For your ingredients, you will need lion's mane mushrooms, 2 cups of canola oil, a dash of Nature's Seasoning, 1 cup of whole wheat flour, and three eggs. If you have a large mushroom, slice it up into fillets, but you can just use the whole mushroom if it is smaller. Break your eggs, get a small bowl, and then pour the eggs into the bowl.

Put in some Nature's Seasoning. Dip the mushroom pieces into the egg and roll the mushroom pieces in the flour until they are completely covered. Put about a half-inch of canola oil into your skillet and heat it over medium heat.

Put the mushroom chunks covered in flour into the oil, and flip them frequently. Keep flipping the mushroom chunks until they are golden brown. Put them onto a plate with several layers of paper towels so they soak up any excess oil. Serve.

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