How Long Do Mushrooms Last?

How Long Do Mushrooms Last?

One vegetable that many people are on the fence about is mushrooms. Mushrooms are vegetables that are not generally given a lot of credit. They contain many antioxidants, improve heart health, can prevent cancer and strengthen your immune system. Despite these benefits, however, many people are not sure how long mushrooms are good for.


Here is what you need to know about keeping mushrooms fresh, how long you are able to consume them and ways to preserve them.


Signs Your Mushrooms Are Going Bad


As with any kind of vegetable, there are tell-tale signs that they are not as fresh as they used to be. Below are a few signs that your mushrooms are going bad:


  • There are dark spots or the mushroom has a darker color than before
  • The mushrooms feel slimy, which is a sign they have been in your fridge too long
  • The mushrooms are dry and have wrinkles, which indicates they are too old
  • There is an odor coming from the mushrooms
  • You have had them longer for two weeks



When it comes to dry, wrinkly mushrooms, it is alright to keep them if you want to dry them out. But if they are too wrinkly, then it is best to just throw them out. As for the other signs, simply dispose of the mushrooms, and get new ones.


How Long You Should Keep Mushrooms


The average amount of time mushrooms can be kept ranges from a week to 10 days. This applies to fresh mushrooms. If we are talking about frozen mushrooms, those can last up to an entire year. In other words, how long the mushrooms last depends on what type it is.


Ways to Prolong a Mushroom’s Life


By taking the necessary precautions, you can store mushrooms up to a week with no problem at all. If you plan on using your refrigerator, it is highly recommended that you do not place them in your crispers. Crispers contain far too much moisture for mushrooms to handle, which can cause them to have those dark spots quicker.


If you have any foods with strong odors, like Parmesan and garlic, keep the mushrooms away from them. Mushrooms have this uncanny ability to absorb any smell. Do not put other foods on top of the mushrooms as it will cause them to bruise. Finally, if you are looking to keep your mushrooms longer than a week, then you will have to freeze them.


When it comes to preserving mushrooms, it is always better to be safe than sorry. If the mushrooms appear bad or have a bad smell, just throw them away and replace them. But with the information provided here, you will have enough time to enjoy mushrooms just the way you like them.

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