• High-quality Giant Puffball (Calvatia gigantea) 10cc liquid culture
  • Optimal for beginner and advanced mushroom cultivation
  • Boost your home-based mushroom farming with this diverse strain
  • Ecologically sustainable farming practices supported
  • Delve into the science of mycelium with Out-Grow's expertise
  • Essential mushroom farming tool for enthusiasts and professionals alike

The Magic of Giant Puffball in a Syringe

Hey there, fellow mushroom enthusiast! If you've been on the hunt for a unique addition to your cultivation repertoire, allow me to introduce the Giant Puffball (Calvatia gigantea) - all snugly packed into a 10cc liquid culture syringe.

Detailed Product Insights

Not just any liquid culture, this 10cc mushroom liquid culture syringe is teeming with the potential to give life to numerous Giant Puffballs in your garden or indoor setup. When it comes to expanding this culture, your best bet would be grain spawn and sterilized substrates, ensuring a lush growth. And if you're curious about storage? Keeping it cool (but not freezing) will retain its vitality for longer.

Natural Habitat Wonders

The Giant Puffball is naturally a showstopper. Typically found in meadows, fields, or even forest clearings, this mushroom loves rich and well-draining soil. Unlike many mushrooms that have close tree associations, the Puffball likes to stand solo. It mostly makes its grand appearance during the late summer to autumn months.

Cultivation Secrets

As a cultivator, you're in for a treat. The Giant Puffball is cultivated primarily for its edible uses. Keep your cultivation environment within a temperature range of 60-70°F and a humidity level around 80%. When it comes to substrates, they prefer organic composted soil or sterilized substrates for cultivation. On the sustainable mushroom farming front, cultivating Puffballs doesn't demand any extensive inputs, ensuring an eco-friendly touch to your garden or farm.

A Culinary Delight & Its Uses

Good news! The Giant Puffball is absolutely edible. When young and the inner flesh is pure white, you can slice them up for a delightful fry or even bake. But remember, as with any mushroom, ensure it's fully identified before consumption. A word to the wise: This product is purely for cultivation and isn't intended to treat or cure any diseases.

Disclaimer: Always be cautious. Consuming unidentified mushrooms can be dangerous, and some individuals may be allergic even to identified ones. Knowledge is your best ally.

With limited stock on these unique liquid cultures, isn't it time you deep-dived into the world of mushroom cultivation? Embrace the magic of mycelium and expand your cultivation horizons with Out-Grow's expertise. Grab yours now before they're all gone!