• All-natural 8-quart horticultural perlite for mushroom cultivation.
  • Perfect for maintaining optimal substrate moisture levels.
  • Enhances aeration, promoting healthy mycelium growth.
  • Easy to sterilize and integrate into any mushroom substrate mix.
  • Superior water retention properties for consistent mushroom fruiting.
  • Perfect grain size for optimal mycelium colonization.
  • Great alternative to vermiculite with unique benefits.

Introducing the 8-quart bag of horticultural coarse grade perlite from Out Grow – the perfect addition for your home gardening and mushroom cultivation projects.

Perlite is a volcanic glass that is heated to a high temperature, causing it to expand and create tiny, lightweight and porous particles. This creates a very large surface area for water to cover. It is a versatile

and sustainable growing medium that can be used in a variety of gardening and hydroponics applications, as well as in mushroom cultivation.

When used as a soil amendment, perlite improves the structure of the soil by increasing aeration and drainage, which promotes healthy root growth and reduces the risk of waterlogging. It is recommended to use a ratio of 1 part perlite to 3 parts soil for optimal results.

Perlite is also an excellent addition to hydroponics systems. Its porous structure allows for efficient water and nutrient uptake, making it an ideal medium for growing plants in water. Additionally, perlite is pH neutral and does not decompose, which makes it an ideal growing medium for long-term use.

In mushroom cultivation, perlite is used to create a fruiting chamber, which simulates the natural environment for mushrooms to grow and fruit. The perlite is used to create a humid environment that is essential for the growth of mushrooms.

Our 8-quart bag of horticultural coarse grade perlite is perfect for any home garden or mushroom cultivation project. It is lightweight, easy to store, and can be reused for multiple crops. Plus, it is a sustainable choice that supports volcanic mining and reduces waste.

Don't wait, order your 8-quart bag of horticultural coarse grade perlite from Out Grow today and experience the many benefits it offers for your home gardening, hydroponics, and mushroom cultivation projects!