• Scientific Classification: Stropharia rugoso-annulata, belonging to the Strophariaceae family.
  • Common Names: Widely known as the Wine Cap mushroom; also referred to as King Stropharia or Garden Giant.
  • Natural Habitat: Flourishes in temperate forests, particularly in areas with decaying wood and garden mulch.
  • Ecological Role: Contributes to soil health through nutrient cycling and soil enrichment.
  • Cultivation: Robust and adaptable mycelium, suitable for cultivators at any skill level.
  • Liquid Culture Syringe: Contains active mycelium in a sterile, nutrient-rich liquid medium.
  • Usage: Perfect for inoculating agar or substrate; a few drops for plates or 5cc for a quart of sterilized rye berries.
  • Storage: Refrigeration recommended for maintaining viability over several months.
  • Cultivation Process: Start with sterilized rye berries, then transfer to a wood-based substrate for fruiting.
  • Additional Resources: Explore our detailed article for more information on Wine Cap mushrooms.

Taxonomy and Ecology of King Stropharia

King Stropharia, known scientifically as Stropharia rugoso-annulata, is a notable species within the fungal domain. This mushroom is part of the Eukarya domain, Fungi kingdom, Basidiomycota phylum, Agaricomycetes class, Agaricales order, Strophariaceae family, Stropharia genus. Originating from temperate European forests, it has a heritage rich in ecological benefits, such as soil enrichment and nutrient cycling. Its robust growth and adaptability have made it a favorite among mycologists and cultivators alike. King Stropharia, with its substantial, burgundy-hued caps, is a striking presence in the natural world. Thriving in a variety of environments, it particularly favors the rich, damp soil of woodlands, where it plays a crucial role in decomposing organic matter. The mushroom's ability to break down complex substances makes it invaluable in fostering a thriving ecosystem, promoting healthier plant growth by enriching the soil. Cultivators prize King Stropharia for these properties, utilizing it in garden beds and compost piles to enhance soil quality. Moreover, its meaty texture and earthy flavor make it a sought-after delicacy in the culinary world, adding a gourmet touch to dishes.

Liquid Culture Syringe: A Versatile Tool for Mushroom Cultivation

The King Stropharia liquid culture syringe is a pivotal tool in mycology, containing living mycelium suspended in a sterile, nutrient-rich solution. This allows for efficient and effective inoculation of various substrates. Whether spreading a few drops onto agar plates for pure culture propagation or using 5cc to inoculate a quart jar of sterilized rye berries, this syringe is designed for ease of use and success in cultivation.

Maximizing Mycelial Growth with Sterilized Rye Berries

Our sterilized rye berry quart jars provide an optimal substrate for initial inoculation using the liquid culture syringe. The sterilized rye berries are the perfect medium to encourage mycelial expansion, leading to full colonization. After colonization, the mycelium is ready to be introduced to a nutrient-rich fruiting substrate.

Completing the Cultivation Cycle: Wood-Based Mushroom Substrate

For the final step in the King Stropharia cultivation process, we recommend transferring your fully colonized spawn to our wood-based mushroom substrate. This specially prepared substrate is ideal for supporting the growth and fruiting of King Stropharia mushrooms, ensuring a bountiful harvest.

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