• Olive Oysterling (Panellus serotinus) in a 10cc liquid culture syringe.
  • Young and vibrant culture ensuring robust mycelial growth.
  • Unique strain with a greenish hue, reminiscent of oyster mushrooms.
  • Ideal for inoculating sterilized grains and agar petri dishes.
  • Best stored in a cool, dark place away from extreme cold.
  • Genetically isolated for optimal growth and cultivation.

Olive Oysterling (Panellus serotinus) Liquid Culture Syringe

The Olive Oysterling, scientifically known as Panellus serotinus, is a unique mushroom that stands out with its greenish hue, reminiscent of oyster mushrooms. This 10cc liquid culture syringe contains the living mycelium of this fascinating mushroom, ready to kickstart your cultivation journey.

Natural Habitat & Growth Patterns

Often seen as a harbinger of the end of the mushroom season, the Olive Oysterling prefers the deadwood of hardwoods, especially logs with their bark still intact. It thrives in late fall or winter, depending on the region. This mushroom has a sticky surface when fresh and boasts orangish to yellowish gills that develop brownish edges as it matures.

Cultivation Specifics

While the Olive Oysterling is not primarily cultivated for consumption, it holds a special place in the hearts of mushroom enthusiasts. Its unique appearance and growth patterns make it a fascinating study for those interested in mycology. When cultivating, it's essential to replicate its natural habitat, favoring hardwood substrates for optimal growth.

Edibility & Uses

Though reminiscent of oyster mushrooms, the Olive Oysterling is not primarily consumed for culinary purposes. Instead, its unique appearance and growth patterns make it a favorite among mushroom enthusiasts and mycologists.


Always exercise caution when dealing with mushrooms. Consuming unidentified mushrooms can be hazardous. This product is intended for cultivation purposes and is not meant to treat or cure any disease.

Why Choose Our Olive Oysterling Liquid Culture?

At Out-Grow, we pride ourselves on providing vibrant and healthy cultures. Our Olive Oysterling liquid culture is no exception. With its robust growth and unique attributes, it's a must-have for both beginners and experienced cultivators. Dive into the world of mycology with confidence, knowing you have a top-quality product in your hands.

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