• 1lb all-natural oyster shell flour for optimal mushroom growth.
  • Perfect for balancing substrate pH and enhancing calcium content.
  • Boosts mycelium growth and ensures healthy mushroom fruiting.
  • Acts as an excellent buffering agent for various substrates.
  • Organic and free from contaminants, ensuring safe mushroom cultivation.
  • Easy storage with long shelf life.
  • Preferred by experienced mushroom cultivators for its consistent results.

Introducing Out Grow's 1-pound bag of Fine Ground Oyster Shells, the perfect solution for all your mushroom cultivation needs. Oyster shells are a popular alternative additive for mushroom cultivation due to their beneficial properties.

Fine ground oyster shells are used in making casing substrate, providing a perfect balance of nutrients and a neutral pH that helps promote the growth of healthy and robust mushrooms. The fine texture of Out Grow's oyster shells ensures a uniform distribution of nutrients, making it an essential ingredient in your mushroom cultivation setup.

To add fine ground oyster shells in your mushroom substrate, simply mix it in with your preferred casing or bulk substrate in a 1:4 ratio. This will provide the necessary calcium and other essential minerals that your mushrooms need to thrive.

In addition to its use in mushroom cultivation, fine ground oyster shells also have other alternative uses such as improving soil drainage and increasing soil pH levels, making it a great addition to any home garden.

Out Grow's 1-pound bag of Fine Ground Oyster Shells is a must-have for anyone looking to get the most out of their mushroom cultivation experience. It is easy to use, versatile, and an affordable way to give your mushrooms the nutrients they need to grow. So don't wait, try Out Grow's Fine Ground Oyster Shells today and see the difference for yourself!