• Bulk Advantage: 3-pound bags for larger cultivation projects.
  • Ready-to-Go Sterilized Grain Spawn: Designed for immediate use.
  • Hydrated Red Milo Grain: Each bag is equivalent to three quarts.
  • Self-Sealing Injection Port: Easy inoculation with spores or liquid cultures.
  • Filter Patch Technology: Promotes healthy gas exchange.
  • Storage Flexibility: Stable for up to a month in cool, dark conditions.
  • More Inoculation Points: Enhanced colonization and yield.

Start growing mushrooms in bulk with Out Grow’s Sterilized Grain Spawn Mushroom Substrate Bags, now available in a 3-pound variant. This larger size provides the bulk advantage needed for bigger cultivation projects. Each bag is filled with three quarts of hydrated and sterilized red milo grain spawn, ready for inoculation.

When it comes to mushroom grow bags, our product’s self-sealing injection port and built-in filter patch technology make spore or liquid culture inoculation a breeze while also facilitating optimal gas exchange. The sterilized grain bags provide an excellent mushroom substrate, rigorously sterilized to eliminate the risks of contamination.

For the busy or novice grower, our spawn bags offer a priceless convenience. Say goodbye to the hassles of creating your own mushroom substrate at home. Moreover, grain spawn's higher number of inoculation points ensures that you’ll see faster colonization and ultimately, a more abundant mushroom yield.

Though designed for immediate use, these mushroom spawn bags are built for storage flexibility. If you're not ready to start your cultivation right away, rest assured that the bags can be stored in a cool, dark place for up to one month.

Choose the 3-pound Sterilized Grain Spawn Mushroom Substrate Bags from Out Grow and simplify your mushroom cultivation projects. Whether you’re a seasoned mycologist or just starting out, these bags are the smart choice for efficient and successful spawn production.