• Quart-sized jar filled with sterilized White Millet
  • Optimized for swift mycelium growth and expansion
  • Nutrient-rich millet base perfect for gourmet mushroom strains
  • Simplified inoculation process for ease of use
  • Great for spawn-to-substrate transfers
  • Sealed with a self-healing injection port and gas exchange filter
  • Expertly prepared for immediate use
  • High yield potential with proper care

Boost your mushroom cultivation endeavors to new heights with our Sterilized White Millet Quart Jar, the premium choice for creating robust mushroom spawn. Specifically tailored for mushroom growers, this quart jar is packed with high-quality, nutrient-dense white millet, prepared to ensure a substrate ideal for rapid mycelium colonization.

Unlike other substrates, our sterilized white millet undergoes a rigorous sterilization process to eliminate any risk of contamination, making it a reliable base for various types of gourmet mushroom strains. Each jar comes equipped with a self-healing injection port and a gas exchange filter, features that significantly simplify the inoculation process, whether you're a hobbyist or a professional mushroom cultivator.

The advantages don't stop there. This sterilized white millet jar is perfect for spawn-to-substrate transfers, offering flexibility and versatility in your mushroom cultivation projects. By providing optimal conditions for mycelium growth, our substrate significantly increases the potential for high mushroom yields. The quick colonization time also means you can move on to fruiting conditions or further substrate transfers faster, streamlining your entire cultivation process.

Whether you're looking to experiment with different mushroom species or scale up your existing cultivation operations, our Sterilized White Millet Quart Jar is the reliable, high-quality choice that delivers results. Make the smart investment in your mushroom cultivation journey today with our Sterilized White Millet Quart Jar.