How Do You Cook Enoki Mushrooms Properly?

How Do You Cook Enoki Mushrooms Properly?

Dry Pan-Roast Enoki Mushrooms

There are several different ways you can cook enoki mushrooms, and one of them is to roast the enoki mushrooms in a pan. To dry pan-roast enoki mushrooms, the first thing you should know is to not use oil and only heat the enoki mushrooms for less than a minute over high heat. The first step in cooking enoki mushrooms using this method is to heat up a dry sauté pan using high heat for roughly two to three minutes. Once you've done this, you can put between 15 and 20 enokis in the heated sauté pan. After this, you should allow the enoki mushrooms to sit in the pan for roughly 15 seconds. At this point, a slight burning smell will likely come from the pan. Once you have allowed the enoki mushrooms to sit for about 15 seconds, toss them by quickly flicking the pan. You should then cook the enoki mushrooms for 10 to 15 more seconds. Then you can put the enoki mushrooms on a plate by sliding them off the pan.

Grill the Enoki Mushrooms

You might be surprised to hear this, but grilling enoki mushrooms is one way to cook them properly. In order to grill enoki mushrooms properly, it's essential to use the correct cooking equipment, and this means you need to get a stainless steel strainer. Once you have a stainless steel strainer for grilling the enoki mushrooms, the first step in grilling them is to put a light coat of oil on them. After you've put the oil on the enoki mushrooms, put the enoki mushrooms inside the strainer. You should use a grill glove that resists heat while you are grilling enoki mushrooms. While wearing the grill glove, make sure you hold the strainer on the grill securely. Allow the enoki mushrooms to cook for from one minute to two minutes. Toss the enoki mushrooms occasionally while you're grilling them.

Flash Fry the Enoki Mushrooms

Another method of cooking enoki mushrooms the right way is to flash fry them. You only need to use roughly 1/4 inch of oil or fat at 375 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit to flash fry enoki mushrooms. You could even simply put some enoki mushrooms in a pan that you used in frying another food if you want. You can just put the enoki mushrooms in the hot fat or oil. Once you've done so, you can flash fry the enoki mushrooms by cooking them in the fat or oil for roughly two minutes. One thing to know about flash-frying enoki mushrooms is that they absorb the flavors of whatever food you fried in the fat initially. As a result, you likely won't have to add flavor to them with seasoning for taste.

Use Another Dish to Cook Enoki Mushrooms

If you put enoki mushrooms into a hot sauce, soup, or stir-fry, then the leftover heat of that dish will cook enoki mushrooms thoroughly in a short time, usually between two to three minutes. You should add the enoki mushrooms to the hot stir-fry, soup, or sauce immediately prior to serving the hot dish.

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