Optimal Conditions for Growing Mushrooms

Optimal Conditions for Growing Mushrooms
Mushroom farming is a lucrative endeavor, especially when done on a commercial level. Even when done as a leisure-time activity, mushroom farming can be a great venture. However, mushrooms need specific conditions to burgeon well and generate bigger harvests. The growth conditions depend on the mushroom type you've planted, whether shiitake or common mushrooms. The following are perfect conditions to plant mushrooms.

Lighting Conditions

Mushrooms are different from plants in that they need no light to shoot up well. That’s not to say they should be grown in extremely darkened areas. Planting mushrooms in moderately dark conditions enables them to preserve more moisture, which facilitates reproduction by the spores.

Experts recommend planting these fungi in your basement as the conditions are more favorable. You can plant virtually every mush type in your basement. When planting shiitakes, avoid keeping the logs direct to sunlight.

Moisture Requirements

Mushrooms do well in environments with high moisture levels. If you’re planting shiitakes, keep your logs in environments with moisture levels ranging from 35% to 45%. You need to soak the logs in water for two days whenever they dry up. It’s recommended to keep the shiitake log bark dry and the inside moist.

If you’re planting other mushroom types, you'll need to use compost/manure with enough nutrients. Always keep the environment in which you are planting the fungi moist to avoid them drying up and optimize their productivity.

Nutrients Requirements

These edible fungi source nutrients from organic composts in the environments they are grown. Mushrooms need nutrients such as nitrogen, carbohydrates, glucose, lignin, and proteins. The normal mushrooms and buttons extract these nutrients from manure or straw composts. Sawdust or logs produce the nutriment Shiitakes utilize to grow. Seek professional help to make the most nutrient-full growth compost for planting mushrooms. If you don’t have access to organic compost, you can create one with sand, corn, and peat moss.

Temperature Requirements

The ideal growth temperatures depend on the kind of mushroom you're growing. If you plant button mushrooms, you need temperatures ranging from 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Dry air and drafts affect the growth rate of button mushrooms and even kill some mushrooms if in the extreme.

If you’re growing shiitake mushrooms, you need temperatures ranging from 72 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. You’re advised to keep the shiitake logs under trees. You can also keep them in shady outdoor environments to help retain moisture and the perfect temperature. You might need to use a fan or heating system to maintain the perfect temperature for buttons to grow well.

If you’re thinking of planting mushrooms for commercial or personal purposes, ensure the environment where you’re growing the mushrooms meets all of these conditions. During sweltering months, you need to water your mushrooms often to maintain the required moisture levels. Keep the temperatures at the required levels and ensure the organic material has the essential nutrients required by the mushrooms.

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