Pestalotiopsis Microspora

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  • High-Quality Pestalotiopsis Microspora Mycelium: Each liquid culture syringe is filled with robust, high-yield mycelium for superior cultivation results.
  • Ready-to-Inoculate Liquid Culture: Simplify your mycology experiments or cultivation projects with our ready-to-use liquid culture syringes.
  • Prolonged Mycelium Viability: Our specialized formulation ensures long-term viability of the Pestalotiopsis Microspora culture.
  • Versatile Mycological Applications: Perfect for mycology research, including bio-degradation studies and polyurethane decomposition.
  • Polyurethane Plastic Degradation: Leverage the unique capabilities of Pestalotiopsis Microspora in breaking down plastic waste for environmental sustainability.
  • Sterile Mycology Supplies: Each 12cc syringe undergoes stringent sterility testing to ensure a contamination-free experience.
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